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Monday, 2 December 2013

SEO is Going to Dead, What Should We Describe This?

SEO is Really Dead!!

Buying banner ads on search? Measuring keyword success in SEO via a ranking report? Google looking more like a portal (a la Lycos back in the day)?

No, it isn't the year 2000 all over again. This is today's search environment.
The More SEO Changes, the More Things Stay the Same

SEO, at its core, has always been and will continue to be about gaining a natural presence in the search engines. Certainly, over the course of the past 10 years, what that natural presence might be has changed quite a bit (search results are no longer links to "just" 10 web pages).

The changes we've experienced over the past few years have certainly gained the attention of our industry. "Content marketing" became a buzz word. Social media marketing has become a routine part of SEO recommendations. Content promotion is key to gaining natural links.

All of these changes were brought "to a head" for me when I read an email from Melanie White, Editor of ClickZ & Search Engine Watch, about the news that SES Conference & Expo is rebranding to become ClickZ Live:

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