Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Matt Cutts Said How Can A Site Recover From A Period Of Spamming Links?

Latest video, Google’s Matt Cutts published a video answered the question ”How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?”
The example given: How did Interflora turn their ban in 11 days? Can you explain what kind of penalty they had, how did they fix it, as some of us have spent months try to clean things up after an unclear GWT notification. How to help report false positives?

Matt didn’t give a specific answer to the question, instead he said he wanted to answer it in a general sense.
Matt said:
“You should disavow the bad links with a vengeance and disavow all the links that might be paid. Don’t use the disavow tool a single link at a time, instead use the domain level disavow option. ”
Here is the video:

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