Sunday, 24 November 2013

What would you like to see from Webmaster Tools in 2014? Tell To Google's Matt Cutts

Google's Matt Cutts gave a better chance to people on his personal blog asking suggestions for webmaster tools 2014, people what would like to see changes in Google Webmaster Tools for 2014. 

A few years ago, Matt Cutts asked what people would like from Google’s free webmaster tools, He shared a pretty big list of ideas he thinks people would like to see, but noted that the Webmaster Tools team isn't actually working on these features

This is awesome opportunity for people to be able to suggest things they want on webmaster tools and get heard by cutts and webmaster developing panel members, It is interesting to look comments who are already posted their suggestions, Everyone have own personal list of things I would love to see, and I see others wanting the same thing as well.

I'm sure that some companies create their own SEO tools for webmasters are keeping a close eye on those suggestions as well, to see if there are any features they can implement themselves.

We don’t have idea how long the blog post will be open for new comments, so if you have any great ideas don't delay adding comments to them, This will definitely be your best chance to get heard on new features, far better than trying to get face time with Cutts at a conference.

Matt cutts said I’m not saying that the Webmaster Tools team will work only on any of these. What I’d really like to hear is what you would like to see in 2014, either in Webmaster Tools or from the larger team that works with webmasters and site owners.
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