Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Matt Cutts said should we use disavow tool without receiving a warning!!!!

Matt says the main purpose of the disavow tool is to clean up links acquired as a result of doing bad SEO.
Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team, post a video about disavowing links in his latest video where a user writes in to ask:

Should webmasters use the disavow tool, even if it is believed that no penalty has been applied? For example. if we believe ‘Negative SEO’ has been attempted, or spammy sites we have contacted have not removed links.
Matt says there’s no cause to worry about disavowing links even without receiving a message about them in your Google Webmaster console.
In which cases you can use this tool even without a manual action?
1. Once you have ready to drop all other options in attempting to get those links removed from the web, it would be a perfect time to use the disavow tool.

2. If you’re at all worried about someone intended to do harm doing negative SEO to harm your site, or you have reason to believe someone has already done so, Matt says this would be a great time to use the disavow tool as well.
3. If you have been proactive in monitoring your back links and you see a strange pattern arising, then Matt says feel free to go ahead and preemptively disavow those links.
4. To sum it up, if you’re at all worried about links pointing to your site that may cause you to get hit with a spam penalty, just go ahead and disavow them.
5. You see your rrankings dropped and you think it has happend due to Google algorithm change, i.e. Penguin algorithm.
6. You are afraid someone will submit a spam report about you.
What has been your experience with negative SEO? Have you ever had to use the disavow tool to get rid of bad links? Share your experience in the comments section!

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